Construction Services

AtLam Construction is dedicated to providing quality construction services with a professional full spectrum approach. We constantly look for ways to bring long-term value to our client relationships by fostering “unlimited partnerships” and creating a true service culture. We believe in creating, measuring, controlling, implementing and sustaining value for our clients.

Our approach to sustaining growth is to deliver quality services to our clients while considering the multifaceted concerns of the project stakeholders. By being proactive in engaging subcontractors, vendors, zoning officials and owner representatives, we meet critical timelines, offer value-based feedback and effectively communicate issues towards resolution that are critical to the success of each project. Our signature style is the personal attention that we give to each client. We build structures as well as relationships!

Our experience is as diversified as the projects that we have completed – public and private sector; renovation, upgrade, modernization, or new construction. Our fast-track construction techniques enable us to execute the multi-dimensional requirements of a project with the level of consensus building and financial stewardship that government and institutional projects require. We can turnkey a project or come in at any point along the design-build process.

Significant to our strength is the ability to perform construction management at risk. State-of-the-art technology and a large store of historical data ensure the competent and accurate attainment of a realistic, guaranteed price for construction projects.

Since the inception of AtLam Construction, we have been committed to providing our clients with a complete package of services on every job. By offering these project management services before, during and after construction, we continually meet a wide range of client needs, resulting in a comprehensive construction program.

As a construction manager, quality and performance is the strength of our team in providing construction management services.  We work enthusiastically with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Subcontractors, and Government Authorities to deliver the best in the industry.  AtLam provides construction services to manage, construct and deliver projects on time  and reduces headaches. Our motto throughout the construction phase is maintaining control—control of schedule, cost, safety, security, quality and close-out.  When control and oversight are maintained, we are better able to manage issues that may arise.  Foresight, proactive thinking, and active coordination are all prime elements in controlling these items and ensuring the success of the project.

AtLam offers the following construction phase services:

  • Situational awareness and management
  • Direct management and supervision of subcontractors
  • Schedule control
  • Quality control
  • Infection control
  • Control of project safety and security, life safety measures
  • Cost control/accounting
  • Completion of self-performed trades (where applicable)
  • Completion control, commissioning management.